The Simple Counter Interface Asset is an "off-the-shelf" component of IntuiFace that comes with prebuilt logic and a visual representation that is freely customizable. It enables you to count values, add & substract values. You can use its triggers to call an action when your counter reached a specific value.


In order to understand how you can use and manipulate the Simple Counter Interface Asset, watch the video below:

Properties, Triggers & Actions


  • Initial value: holds the initial value of the counter when experience is started
  • Limit count to min and max values: check this property if you want a min and max value for your counter
  • Minimum value: (optional) a minimum value for the counter
  • Maximum value: (optional) a maximum value for the counter

The property below is a read-only property, thus only visible through a binding

  • Count: holds the current value of the counter.




  • Count changed: Raised when the Count has changed



  • Count equals...
  • Count greater than or equal...
  • Count greater than...
  • Count less than or equal...
  • Count less than...
  • Count not equals...



  • Add One: to increment Count by one
  • Add: to increment Count by the amount of the value parameter
  • Reset:, to set Count to 0
  • Set Value: set a specific value
  • Subtract One:, to decrement Count by one
  • Subtract: to decrement Count by the amount of the value parameter