The RSS Feed Interface Asset (IA) is an "off-the-shelf" component of IntuiFace acting as an RSS feed reader. It is created by inserting an RSS Feed IA into an experience and passing in the targeted feed's URI. This action initiates the subscription process.

Any IntuiFace user can modify the visual representation of the RSS Feed IA. This visual representation - specified by adata template - can access and manipulate the following properties: TitleDescriptionLink.


In order to understand how you can use and manipulate the RSS feed Interface Asset, watch the video below:

Properties, Triggers & Actions


  • URL: the RSS feed URL.

The properties below are read-only properties, thus only visible through a binding

  • Title: a string containing the title of a feed entry
  • Articles List: the list of all articles in this RSS feed
    • Title: the article title
    • Summary, a string containing a short description of an entry
    • Link, a string containing the URL of an entry



  • Set URL, to specify the feed's URI
  • Update, to refresh the feed with the latest posted information). Must be invoked to retrieve new content.