With Intuiface Composer you can define overall properties impacting the entire experience.

Project settings

These settings are accessed via the Project menu option Project Settings or by typing the key combination Ctrl + comma.


  • Name   used to change the name of your experience
  • Startup scene   defines the first scene displayed when the experience is started in player only. In composer play mode you usually want to play the scene you are currently editing, so the composer play mode always starts with the current scene.
  • Loading indicator   choose from one of three visual styles used to indicate - in a running experience - that an asset or scen is loading
  • Display Size   defines the orientation (landscape or portrait) and resolution of the display surface in pixels. You can either select predefined width and height or "Custom" one:


  • Keyboard Language Select the language of your keyboard when using the Text Input asset
  • Experience Style Choose between different 3 styles for your project or create a new custom style. See this articleto know more about project styles